What I'm proud of.

Take a look at some of the projects I've been fortunate enough to be a part of.
Painful Arts Tattoo Studio Logo

Painful Arts.

Animated elements made for the image film of the Tattoo Studio.

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Style frame of the video with the text "ein Mädchen" repeating in the screen.

Mädchen*-Empowerment Camp.

Promotional video for the Girls* Empowerment Camp by basa e.V.

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Stark Verlag Logo

Starke Lernpfade.

Explainer video to introduce STARK Verlag’s new online diagnostic test for students, “Starke Lernpfade”.

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SWA Animation Bild

Fahr alles, was geht.

Personal project inspired by the mobility campaign of Stadtwerke Augsburg (SWA).

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Qlik Logo

Daten-Profi mit Qlik.

Animated video series for Qlik's YouTube and social media channels.

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