daten-profi mit qlik

Series of animated videos for YouTube and social media channels to promote Qlik and its data analytics and data integration solutions.

About this project:

This time I had the chance to collaborate with SportBrain, a marketing agency based in Augsburg, who invited me to work on a series of videos they produced for Qlik.

The goal of this project was to create different animated videos to promote Qlik and its data analytics and integration products. The main challenge was to make a couple of videos with the same style in a dynamic and entertaining way using only kinetic typography. Those videos should not only stay on brand and belong to a series but at the same time look original and individually different.

Using and playing with a combination of fast movements, scaling, repeaters, and some animated elements to represent data flow, I was able to come up with very interesting compositions in which these techniques interact with the sentences or words helping to express in a clear way the messages to be communicated.

Of course, without the help and support from SportBrain, creating an amazing concept, and guiding me through the project with their feedback, this series of videos wouldn’t have ended as nice as they are. If you want to check more of their work and cool projects, don’t hesitate to visit their website.

In the end, the client was happy and I was commissioned to make a version of a couple of these videos in French and I am excited to keep collaborating with this agency on more cool projects in the future.

Would you like to have animated videos like these ones?

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Frame of the video as picture with the text Nein Quasi das Rundum-Paket big on the screenFrame of the video with a lot of green smilies
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